“It’s a fine line between the darkness and the dawn”

Favorite words sung originally by Art Garfunkel and ones which resonate continuously in my mind.

“They say in the darkest night there is light beyond” and those prophetic words, provided we are patient enough to wait are always proof that nothing lasts forever, pleasant or unpleasant.

In the natural world, in the world of art and music, poetry and writing, the balance comes with just enough of the lightness and the darkness, a painting by Caravaggio “Narcissus”has an extraordinary balance of both extremes of tone.What mastery!

The same can be said for so many disciplines, a beautiful piece of music, contemporary or classical, if the balance is right our hearts sing with deliciousness!

Provided we are patient I believe that life gives us all a bit of each side of the scale, a Jin and Jang, darkness and light, happiness and sorrow and all the facets that when put together make us whole, unique and wonderful creatures.

“Come what come may: Time and the hour runs through the darkest day.” William Shakespeare