The manor of our lord

Peter, the rabbit with a personal trainer.

A rabbit lives in our home, he has a few pet humans who are purely there for his entertainment.The truth is, if he doesn’t feel like playing with us he ignores us,and if he feels like playing ball on his own, well then he head butts the terrified dog until JinJa (terrified dog) runs for the woods (metaphorically speaking).

Peter ( the rabbit, who was originally named after the local shopping centre from where he first appeared, but addressing him became a mouthful and so he acquired  a  rather common name which  has stuck! ) has expensive tastes and so we grow veggies at home to keep him fat and happy and feed him twice a day because he stands at the door at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. waiting impatiently for the relevant meal.

We (actually me) have become enslaved to a 2 tone(molting) fur ball, with a vast appetite for greens and games,we run races together(up and down the yard, I am his personal trainer, freely and daily) we play board games(I will go into those another time) and generally speaking his Lordship lives the life of Riley. There is no Mr. Mc Gregor in his veggie patch, just a complicit gardener, a personal trainer and a cowering dog called JinJa.