“A little while ago I did something unusual at home which instantly caused a response of “Extraordinary!”

The event was nothing exciting, just slightly out of character and routine and instantly caused a knock-on effect that started me thinking. We use them thousands of times a day, sometimes without reflecting, sometimes to pacify, show concern or anger, wit or empathy.

Frequently they bubble out without thought and depending on how tactful we are sometimes inappropriately, most often though there is a steady stream and we take the process so for granted.

Words need more respect than we give them and more contemplation than we generally give ourselves time for, we are so very busy trying to hurry our way through life ,whenever do we stop to reflect on the true meaning of words…

So I looked up that magnificent individual and found a few treasures:

A new kind of woman with deep-rooted values is changing the way we live. Market researchers call it “neo-traditionalism.” To us it’s a woman who has found her identity in herself, her home, her family…. She is part of an extraordinary social movement that is profoundly changing the way Americans look at living—and the way products are marketed. The home is again the center of American life, oatmeal is back on the breakfast table, families are vacationing together, watching movies at home, playing Monopoly again. Even the perfume ads are suddenly glorifying commitment”.

Although this has been written within the American context, it translates well into our local environment with just a few word adjustments, porridge instead of  oatmeal and Scrabble instead of Monopoly. Nice.

No, I am told, a cup of tea is nice,find a more descriptive word. No more nice. Wonderful?

Roget’s Thesaurus lists unusual, notable and wonderful as synonyms  for ‘extraordinary’ and so we go around the daily game of mental Scrabble.

What fun to look up ‘Extraordinary’ on the internet and see what appears on the screen!Then take the word and turn the dial to visual and then see what comes your way.

The Chapel of Allouville-Bellefosse, built in an Oak tree which was struck by lightening in  1600 (or somewhere there about) and instead of dying it flourished. 2 chapels were built into the hollow core of the tree and dedicated to the virgin Mary.

Unusual, notable and wonderful.

I just like ‘extraordinary’ better!


A chapel in an Oak tree in France