Over the years (now THAT makes me feel mature!) I have learned not to flinch when one of my male offspring opens the fridge door and groans, ” there’s nothing to eat in this house” then shuts it before repeating the process within seconds, possibly hoping that Father Christmas, the tooth fairy and  the Easter bunny will all magically pop a few Woolies instant meals, not to mention a few other favourite fast food brands, onto the shelf, preferably the one perfectly positioned at eye level.

We have for the past week been having a heatwave par excellance in the Cape, there is nowhere to escape from this heat and no clothes are cool enough….which brings me to the flip side of this thought process, as empty as the fridge looks to a male person with an appetite to quell, there is that same feeling for me on opening my cupboard in the morning with a heatwave to battle…”there is nothing to wear in this house” Where, oh where are F.C. the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy now?

Some things don’t change as life moves on, my adult sons still find the fridge empty when I see it as do-able with a bit of creative license and any male person who was able to glimpse into my cupboard would respond immediately with  “there’s lots to wear, what are you talking about?”

I guess we all have our little problems, I am going to solve a few with a bit of my own creative license, without the assistance of any mystical intervention; I am going to just close the cupboard doors and hop into the fridge.

The best of all possible options.