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So, here I am, back with camera in hand and still intrigued by the spider family…

Have you ever wondered how on earth it is possible for a spider to span huge distances with a silken thread? How does such a relatively tiny animal that is flightless manage to spread its silken thread over areas multiple times its body length?

Well… here’s the thing, the spider is equipped with a silk spinneret, much the same as silk creating worms but what this creative creature does is point its abdomen into the wind and ‘Voila’ the silk gets picked up by the breeze and wherever it lands, that is the anchor point….The clever little critter then follows the thread, thickening and stabilizing as it journeys. That is the the first move in this delicate and awe inspiring operation but the one that has always puzzled me the most.

What follows thereafter is equally extraordinary, The Orb spider is a master of design and engineering, maybe the time comes in our lives when we have a moment to ingest the wonders of our natural world only once we stop and look and really see.

Have we learned some clever tricks from them do you think? It”s Possible.