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Fast drying…. fast heating, instant this and no wait that…..

What is all this speed about? No need to cook anymore, write anymore, we don’t need a dictionary or a book of quotations nor do we need to talk anymore, or maybe some of us could relinquish the spoken word (I won’t give that up in a hurry, as my loved ones know well!) but really, I was trying to slow the pace a bit yesterday so I thought,’nail varnish’ you have to wait for it to dry, but NO! you don’t, it’s also instant dry, no waiting there, you want to take it off, well, phew! thats a relief, that is faster still.

Want a book, don’t wait, order it online and it will arrive as you push ‘send’.Or upload it onto a magnificent devise, no need to feel paper, add onto that, have it read to you, no need to read. Need your photos quickly, just put your card into the machine and hey presto! done before you have ordered a cup of coffee to tide you over the wait, an SMS comes through on your phone that you should have left at home, alerting you to wonders of technology and the speed at which prints can happen. “It’s a miracle” as Freddie Mercury said,” a miracle”

So what has happened to ‘smell the roses’, and ‘listen to the music’?

Recently there was a story of a violinist who chose to play his  violin in a metro.

This occurred in fast paced Washington, and for many hours he played his Stradivarius for the many people streaming through the underground passages. Nobody noticed him or knew him or took time to appreciate the intricate pieces he was playing… they were all in a rush, places to go , people to see. Word has it that for his days work he earned $34.. and yet a few nights later a theatre where he was due to play the same pieces of music  was sold out, the average ticket price was $100.

This musicians name is there for all to see, just find the instant story button and google the relevant words and immediate gratification will be the order of the day…


What has happened that we no longer take time… to smell the roses or hear the music, do we always have to take the societal lead and follow without thinking, always in such a rush and never a chance to hear our own heartbeat.

No, before we forget how to, Take the time, feel the paper the pen and the roses and listen to the music, you never know who might be playing.