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Undervalued happenings, occasions, and things!

Rain in the midst of a dry spell.

Thunder and Lightning (if you don’t have 4 legs).

A laughing hippo.

Crisp clean towels, sun dried is the best.

Airport arrivals.

Standing beneath a towering Yellow Wood tree.

The first view of the sea after being landlocked for a year.

The first smell of the sea after the same long absence.

Dew drops on a spider web.

A couch, a fire and a great book.

An event in the forest despite the weather.

The first tumbleweed flower of the autumn.

Clean sheet day, no more rusk crumbs for a brief moment.

The sun on your back in the middle of winter.

The middle of winter, because you know that the owls are making babies and the bulbs are about to burst through the soil.

Safely arriving home after time away.

Homemade rusks drying in the oven.

Wading through the water, barefoot.

Raindrops on a corrugated iron roof.

Oh! my goodness, I could go on, how often do we forget to say a quiet thank you for the  little happy things that make our world go round…