Well, this is the thing..

My Oldest son ‘won’ the garter at the fabulous wedding we were all at on Saturday, and his partner ‘won’ the brides bouquet.

Thing is we had ‘won’ already, just by having them with us all for this sparkling event. Everyone home from far away places except one son and his partner,we missed them terribly but it’s hens teeth rare to have them all I suppose.

3/4 of the offspring on common ground for a couple of days. Distance and time disappeared  for a weekend.  Such was the family time with friends who are more family than is imaginable, and loved ones from all over the globe, faces we haven’t seen for years or weeks, a grand and joy filled time for a few precious hours, so much fun! Even with swizzle sticks.

They have all dispersed now, the bride and groom have gone to foreign shores, the bouquet has faded a bit (it couldn’t go on the airplane, though I suspect the garter was the first thing to be packed), and its back to work for all.

And so it was, a wedding where everyone ‘won’, a moment that will forever be recalled as the wedding weekend where everyone was a winner.

Even man’s (read that as the father of the bride) best friends, they followed close to the bridal brigade, tails wagging indefatigably, the best groomsmen on four legs.