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Well, there we were, back in the ‘saddle’ again, this time on a road trip almost equal to the Wizard of Oz… no, way more extraordinary!

We are off to KKnK. a big festival in a small town.Back on the road..

We followed the silver tar route through the most spectacular scenery made more so by the stormy skies and drenching downpours, until we got to our smallish town destination, which was pulsating with eager and excitable outliers and residents alike.

This is the town of Oudtshoorn and for 10 days of every year it becomes a throbbing metropolis of Arts and Culture, hippie and hip, hat and hot, music and some madness and lots in between. This for me was eyes wide time, with so many “never before scenes” that I rapidly lost track.

I met the “King of Oudtshoorn” Rudi, a photographer who could barely put his foot forward without being warmly greeted by someone, he made little progress on his trip through the market, so happy were people to see him. With his ready(Rudi) smile and an easy way I hope he keeps his place on that “throne” for years to come.

The daily walk through the town took me over a pedestrian suspension bridge which was a constant challenge. One person on a swinging bridge is manageable ( if you concentrate!) but one middle aged person with 2 mischievous young boys behind, creating ‘waves’ makes for an all around interesting start to a day, life is like a swing bridge I decided, do-able, just easier without waves.

If ‘people watching’ is your thing there are all man (er) of interesting sights to take in, very large people drinking and eating and feeding their very large offspring, babies a plenty, some real and some made for resale (even ‘unreal’ but incredibly life like baby monkeys and orangutans were available in plastic for a few thousand Rands.) I am still not sure why anyone would want such a creation, but here is not to reason why.Unreal

Ostrich feathers in hat or duster form were free range, dyed the most brilliant colours and quite spectacular in their own way, given that this town was born out of that industry I am amazed there was not more evidence of a once booming trade.

For 10 days this town throbbed with music and shows, Art exhibitions of varying standards from good to less than, but the thing that touched me the most was the Handspring puppet exhibition and short film, it moved me to tears, I was just gobsmacked by the emotional instincts that flowed from them through me.

Magnificent and worth wading through Blancmanges and Khaki or even the odd mullet! (not of the fish variety)

There were local children throughout the town, ready to entertain make music or just kid around as children are so happy to do… always with smiles and good cheer.

And so it was that the days passed, working in an environment that was unlike anything ever experienced before, living with sunsets from heaven, tortoises from neighbours, Cape spotted owls once again crossing our path and People of the rainbow.

There is something to be said for the gypsy life.

Life is always full in Africa.