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A visit today to my favorite garden brought me to my knees with frustration, I always thought photographing butterflies was difficult… well try a grey squirrel in full autumnal swing, all you are guaranteed of is an understanding of how the impressionists got their name.

And why they never took on the flying grey challenge.

Autumn in this garden is as exciting as all the other seasons, there are seeds being released everywhere, a paintbox range of colour at every turn and the constant rustle  of creatures preparing to take winter cover, Ginkgo trees are yellowing and their unique leaves litter the paths.

The teams of accomplished  gardeners are clearing out the old and tired plants, the Orb spiders are frantically trying to repair damages done to their wonderful multi-layered living quarters and there is a general buzz of hectic in the air… even the trusty Spotted Eagle Owls have temporarily left their branches, but have left the remains of a tasty meal, just to keep me aware.

The Gecko eggs are empty, the white Gardenia flowers have finished their display and left behind the enormous egg shaped seed pods that are so distinctive, they look like egg kebabs.

Agapantha seeds are all you will find attached to the willowy stems in excess of a meter above the soil and the heart shaped low veld Chestnut as well as the beautiful heart veined Pelagonium leave me loving my regular visits exponentially.

A sea of Plectranthus covers large tracts of the shaded areas, waves of purple for as far as the eye can see. Cycad cones have been harvested, no doubt for scientific research, they look so pre-historic and tactile it’s more than I can do…

to not touch these rare and strange looking elongated cones, once again I must keep my hands behind my back…so much temptation here.

But not everything is retiring with the squirrels, the Aloes are preparing to burst into bloom, not all the trees are going to sleep, and soon the ponds and streams will be flowing with fresh season rains and the promise of new life in the spring and the summer to come.

This is our Kirstenbosch, home to so much throbbing life and so much excitement on a daily note,where else would you find a collection of such rare beauty and imagination jolting names and specimens?

A Parsley tree?