Velcro… I love you, I also dislike you sometimes, a lot. When my handbag opens like a dream there is nothing more efficient and speedy than those tiny little interlocking teeth and hooks but boy oh boy, can it go pear-shaped sometimes, when my favourite scarf gets caught in those clever little jaws and just like a miniature Rottweiler they refuse to release their prey, finally being wrenched into submission and forever showing the scars.

Cable ties…who invented you? There we have a mean streak if ever. No sooner have you put this never to be opened, nifty little piece of plastic in place but you realize that something has been left out of the packing process. I know you weren’t invented solely for air travel but that is a large part of your work and for the best part, Well done.

Ziplock..Wow! Almost as clever as the clothing zip but never as dependable. I really love your talents but the frustration of not being able to line up the little railway lines can drive a person to drink!

My best( and worst) Prestik.. I love the speed with which my Zapiro cartoons can get pasted on my studio walls… I like less the oily stains that quickly exude onto the artwork rendering them forever targeted in all 4 corners and leaving the walls permanently,  well there is no kind way to say it, buggered. But there is still no better way to paste, label, itemize or tag an item, can I resist you?

I can see! Thanks to wonderful little pieces of plastic in my eyes I can see the world better than ever… but sweet little disc… do not turn on yourself (or me) because then, wherever I am I stop and have to unpack my ziplocked suitcase, open my velcro bag, pull out my prestik labelled disc holders and put you in your place with the quiet frustration of living with wonderful inventions that, like all of us, have their moments.