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Like a magnet I can’t help but love it in every form, but watching a couple of little people playing gleefully in amongst ground level fountains just turned my tap on! The pure unadulterated delight on their faces was enough to pull a crowd on the day but the kids were completely oblivious to their audience, so much fun and so much water!

I find myself hovering around taps and lakes, streams and fountains, compelled by life’s most valuable resource and an element that we are in danger of taking for granted, albeit that we are seeing the results of too much or too little all over our globe. 

It is compelling, inviting, reflecting and majorly what we are made of so here are a few images of what we need to keep ourselves going, one drop at a time….We cannot do without it, we live with it, play with it, restore our energy and thirst with it. It can be turbulent or tranquil, life giving and restoring but still, I believe we are not respectful enough of this wonder of our world, source of life and 90% of our physical makeup.. you have to love it!Flush it or admire it, swim in it or drink it ,play in it or wallow… or just drink it in. Monet explored it, Turner captured it, the Romans controlled it (as they did most things in their day) and we just keep on using it..and loosing it every day. Imagine Gene Kelly not singing in the rain!

Birds would have to sand bath, Elephants wouldn’t shower, and Wellies would be redundant.


I can’t…