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On Sunday we went to play on one of Cape Town’s longest and most scenic beaches, we could have walked for hours, so incredibly long and uninterrupted is that stretch of shoreline with glorious golden sand, fine as castor sugar and littered with the smoothed pebbles like crumbs fallen from the vast and well recognized “table” hovering in the backdrop.

As a compulsive strandloper I know to go with packets for treasure found and the beautiful array of pebbles stopped me in my tracks continuously. But they are so beautiful, so smooth and round and colourful that needs must, within no time at all the collection had begun and plans were being formed as how best to use this treasure…

Amongst other weird and wonderful things that I find myself giving house space to are water retaining crystals… they are such magical little crystals when added to water, they just grow and absorb and before you know what there is a jelly like substance which holds items in suspension, such fun to play with in many crazy ways, this is why there is no need to ever attain “grown up” status. So much fun to be had in life and a new  pebble inspired candle holder.

Which brings me to the golden ratio, Perfect proportions and proof of natures way of displaying that the ultimate knowledge has been with us forever, it has just taken scientists and mathematicians and architects to prove that there is perfection in nature.

So, this is the basis of the Parthenon, the proportions of more paintings than I can write about, it is the growth pattern of shells  and so on. if you look for this shape and format you will find it everywhere…even on the beach, playing with pebbles. My fellow strandloper had fun skimming and rolling the Neptune given toys and this was what happened. Unexpected but that is the beauty of the natural world when you start to look around.