“…an everlasting smile, a smile can bring me…”
“Smile for me, my Diane… ” ” When you’re smiling…”

“Smile, though your heart is aching…”

That is the one that did it for me, the music was written by…

One of the most brilliant men to have lived in our time.

(Almost, I am taking a bit of license  here!)

Charlie Chaplin was a complex but multi-talented man who needed to show the world through sometimes rather cynical humour and irony a mirror image of ourselves, both the good and the bad. A social and political commentator, he saw the merits of a humour filled response to life and realized the worth of laughter and smiles.I have laughed till tears ran freely while watching his films, and yet he was such a serious and driven man that the humour of the situation was long since gone when he finally finished a days work. A complete perfectionist.

A bit like our social watchdogs, Pieter Dirk-Uys, (Evita Bezuidenhout) Zapiro and Tony Grogan, Nick Rabinowitz ( to cite just a few) Humour, lightness of being and laughter is what we need to cope with this ever increasingly stress filled world we share. Children get it but we seem to forget it as life sweeps us into busyness.

Why is it so difficult to give away a smile? The elderly love it, the young love it babies thrive on a good laugh and it cost no effort at all, relaxes us completely wakes the tired teller at checkout  and has such a wonderful knock on effect that instantly other faces crack open because it is so difficult not to…..It is CONTAGIOUS!

While on my daily walks the challenge is to raise a bit of cheer with everyone I pass and it works without fail…smile and greet and it is instantly mirrored, just another thing that should be taught in schools.. don’t worry, be happy, ooh ooh ooh.. you don’t have to be a perfectionist about timing like Charlie Chaplin, the smile will happen anyway, almost guaranteed!

“Keep smiling…keep shining, knowing you can always count on me … in good times and bad times…..” Thank you Dionne Warwick.

It’s quite easy really.