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We live in an amazing country… after 4 days in the most wonderful region of Natal, iMfolozi game reserve, I have come home ready to face more of life’s challenges. BUT… there is little more sobering than watching a pride of Lions hard at work defending their kill, their offspring and their lioness’s from nothing more threatening than mad men…people who through sheer arrogance and ego put others of their kind at risk.
Men with big cameras, opening and closing car doors, mouths and lens shutters, as if they were at a picnic sight with other insensitive homo- sapiens.
The enraged lions roared and then charged the offending creatures who, thinking it was a picnic, happily moved around, got in and out of cars, all the while talking in loud and abrasive voices, recounting their take on the “show”.
Children were allowed out of windows, voices raised and respect absent.
What has happened to us…? We are so sure of our omnipotent status that as much as we are supposed to be sentient beings, sadly we are just insensitive creatures, with the misguided opinion that we live above all other beings.
Bad mistake, bad form.
Mr. Long- lens, you nearly lost your life. Twice.You put every other person at risk.
Both times you got out of your car and both times when the lion king charged you you put not just yourself but everyone else on the line.
Not funny or clever mr. man.

I hope you do not have children.

Life brings challenges. Mankind often has a way of getting in the way of life.