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The family of Spotted Eagle-Owls that I have been following regularly now for a year or so have started their next family of Owlets in Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

The mother is sitting with the due diligence I have come to expect from most of our furry and feathered friends and hopefully we will soon be able to see the next generation.Yesterday, there was an element of excitement with the arrival of a gangly and inquisitive teenage Egyptian goose and his mum. These very beautiful but now ubiquitous and rather unintelligent birds seem to breed all year round and so there are now many families roaming the gardens with multiple kids in tow…. but this was an inquisitive young fellow and he was determined to beat a path to the owl nest regardless of his mother’s brash screams of deterrence.Mum stood in the drinking fountain, bellyaching, bathing and generally making a big  theatrical performance, most of the time on one leg.Like most teenagers, her cries of concerned went right over his head as he continued his brave quest to bush bash through to investigate what lay beyond,blithely ignorant of the beak that was awaiting his search.Suddenly, mother owl did what mothers do best…she just turned her head 180 degrees to face the onslaught, and gave the juvenile ‘the look’,he scuttled off…all signs of prior bravery gone.

Mother goose put her other foot down, stopped yelling and ran to reprimand her offspring..and with that, the object of my attentions gave me the same regal treatment.