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Saturday morning means first the wings,

then the coffee…

Imagine a group of women, all bonded over many years of  weddings, child raising, joys, sorrows but above all long and lasting friendship, grouping together once a week to step it out at pace (sometimes snail-ish) under the shadow of the big Table mountain or close to the sea on Sea point promenade, maybe even in the most beautiful gardens in our world, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Imagine again the constant chatter, encouragement, compassion and laughter that goes hand in hand (or foot in foot?) with such a group of walkers-with-wings. We have tackled many paths both real and metaphorical but never have we left out the key ingredient to this recipe of friendship.


There are migrant walkers whose wings bring them on occasional trips from other parts of the country to the fairest cape, there are fair weather walkers who concede defeat to the Cape of storms and then there are those who fly in just for the coffee break.Some drink tea or juice, that’s good too, just so long as the wings get refreshed! We also have a swimmer who joins the group after thrashing through the pool for as many kilometers as we have walked. A constant source of inspiration she is too!

The leprechaun coloured swimming cap, in the pool that day but in the sea often.

Then there is Guinness, the only four legged member of the training squad. He is the best behaved dog I have met in a long while and is always a pleasure to have ambling happily alongside, chasing the occasional squirrel but for the rest shepherding us onward.

His reward is a huge bucket of water and loads of love at the designated deli.

Long may this weekly event keep us texting on Fridays and walking on Saturdays.May there forever be laughter ringing around us, loads of horse play and trusty friends joining in the between work and busy times. We walk…

just because….we can.

Long live the winged victory that calls us to rise and fly, interrupted only by a Cappuccino, a bit of weather and a humble four legged guest.