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Thinks……( imagine think bubble)

Fibromyalgia, Yuppie ‘flu, M.E. what does this spell out pragmatically
when this thought is handed to me after a medical examination?
Well, on the positive side, it should go away with time, It’s not contagious,
it doesn’t stop a person from smiling, or reaching out to help others,
it gives me a perfect excuse to not get out of bed before 7.30 and at least
there is clarity around the strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms that have pounced upon my body over the past months.

What to do?
Regard this as ‘time out’
Make things, gently.

Experiment with vitamins and minerals.
keep walking,
and being transparent.
Take life slower, because it is out of character.
Be kind to self and others.
Take my unbroken camera with me everywhere
and use it…
Capture the beautiful aspects to this life and dwell on those.
Write more,
read poetry,
a lot..
push through and know
that this too will pass.

It’s not great,
but I can do it.
And maybe, help others going through the same
roller coaster ride.