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‘Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
still I’m gonna miss you..

(Thanks to the Rolling Stones.)

I love Tuesday in my favourite garden

It is senior citizen day and so access to this beautiful botanical oasis
is free to all South African citizens of senior status.
And the word has got out there,
take any Tuesday and what a pleasure it is to go
and observe people who really know how to enjoy themselves!
Groups gather, chatter, puff up the steep pathways and find shady park benches to talk about life
and share a picnic with Table mountain as their  host.
I can only imagine the delight next year, when the planned canopy walkway to celebrate the gardens 100th birthday
is completed in the Arboretum…it is going to be so ‘user friendly’
that anyone from 0-100 will be up in the tree tops engaging and taking their delight to another level. I can’t wait to join the queue!

Right now though, there is more guaranteed energy amongst the fynbos on this day than on any other day of the week,
more excited voices, laughter, banter and
more evidence of deep engagement with flora, fauna and friendship.
Arm in arm, hand in hand, companionship is as bountiful as beetles on a Pelargonium plant.
It is not possible to feel anything other than ‘joie de vivre’ on any given Tuesday,
in our very own Garden of Eden.