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Funny but true.
Strange things challenge the ego.

I was at a wonderfully intimate and relatively small function this weekend
and because it was close friends, I knew everyone there.
A couple walked in who I have met many times and we hugged and greeted one another warmly, then got chatting about this and that and their overseas travel experiences etc. The husband is a high profile person who is well respected in his field and is an interesting man. His wife is….Lovely!

It’s a warm and welcoming experience to be with lots of people you have a history with,
exchanging thoughts and ideas and what the year has brought to everyone so far.

Having chatted with Mr. and Mrs. Lovely for a while, Mr. lovely peeled off to talk to our host and I carried on chatting to his wife, we spoke about her work and changes she is planning in that regard.

Suddenly she asked me if I had got the music she sent me?

(me) No..Which music might that be?

(Mrs. Lovely) The Bob Dylan CD, I sent it via (friend).

(me)To Me?

(Mrs.Lovely) Yes. When we came to supper with you, you said you loved his music and I undertook to send you a CD.

(me) Supper.. chez moi? ( Am I going mad?)

(Mrs.Lovely) Didn’t you make me that bookmark?

(me) I don’t think so? (I am going mad!)

(Mrs Lovely) Don’t you live in that cute little house in xxxxxx?

(me) No.( I live in a large and rambling rabbit warren of a house in zzzzz)!

(Mrs Lovely) Aren’t you a silversmith?

(me) No.I am an artist.

(Mrs.Lovely) Didn’t we come to your house for supper?

(me) No, I don’t think so.

(Mrs Lovely) Um, I must just go to the bathroom! (she carries on smiling and exits the conversation).

Who am I?

I am not sure, just don’t ask Mrs Lovely!