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I have been given a priceless gift.
Time. Not since I was a student have I had this precious and very rare opportunity and suddenly the penny has dropped.

Who in the world would be so crazy as to want to give this gift back? Me, until today. Time has been an inconvenient obstacle, brought on by ill health that I have battled so much to accept , until today, whilst walking around on a mission to find some life basics, I realized how wonderful it is to have time to simply observe the world in progress.
Car guards day packs, dangling like Christmas decorations from trees around their work zone. So trusting, yet these men guard our vehicles and us for hours, against theft or harm of some kind.

Charity stores, run by people who give their time for no reward other than to be able to serve. The wonderful people who carry in bags of goodies, so that the charity shops can keep up and running.

The postman who serves our area, always armed with a big grin and a vigorous wave. Always happy rain,shine or howling winds.

The kind and helpful young woman behind the shop counter, filled with enthusiasm warmth and efficiency,
as she sends you off with a ‘have a lovely weekend!’

To be able to take the time to walk to do the errands that I used to drive at pace to get done in an instant,
what a remarkable gift, after years of;
work and marriage,
work, marriage and 4 children,
work, divorce, 4 children and no paternal presence and even more work.

And now, Time.
Why has it taken so long to appreciate this gift?

Strange creature that I am…
Wealth doesn’t only refer to a bank balance, it’s a life balance also.

As in the words of one of my favorite ballads,

To everything
there is a season
and a time
for every purpose under heaven.