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Today was a fun day in the gardens in Kirstenbosch.
The sun shone, the Arisea macrocarpa,
a beautiful blue member of our summer flowering indigenous plants
are bursting into full bloom and the beetles are going crazy with joy!

There was no sign of the spotted eagle owl family
but there was a very aggressive little fellow who tried his hardest to chase me off his patch of grass.. it was quite a sight,
an Angulate tortoise in full charge, no bigger than 15 cms but furious with anyone who came close to him.
I stepped out of his way by walking backwards downhill, while he tried to attack my shoes.
Slowly I walked him towards a guy with a huge lens around his neck, and gently handed over the “Canon fodder”.
It was one of the funniest things I have seen in years.

Then on to a patch of water that holds all kinds of mysteries, so many levels,
so many subtle colours and 3cm long tadpoles….I can’t imagine how big those frogs will be.
I wait with interest, maybe a pond filled with oversized princes?

Meanwhile can you spot the taddie?

Then onto my favourite winding path in the Arboretum,
where the earth was covered with confetti, small pink petals
from a tree high above turned the path into fairy land.

Soon after that surprise I came across one of the most beautiful flowering lilies, Moore’s crinum.

And lastly I have developed my own ‘water interest spot’ at home
as a distraction to anyone who eats at our table.
I am far too busy these days enjoying our ‘extended garden’
to think about wonderfully creative meals. There will be time enough for that…