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Why grow up?
I don’t think I ever will, but yesterday I walked with children’s eyes.
Imagine a huge spider web with the owner, a golden orb, sitting patiently in the middle waiting…

Creep up on the shy black girdled lizard, so well disguised on dark tree stumps. If you are very patient and slow you can get really close.


Tip-toe up the water way on smooth stepping stones, under an archway of dense ferns and towering Yellowwood trees until…IMG_5488
You get to a bird shaped pool filling constantly with spring water, Colonel Bird’s bath, a green oasis which looked so inviting on a steaming summer’s day.IMG_5481
Meet ‘Rambo’ the angry head-butting 20cm long tortoise, with a long neck and attitude.IMG_5378
Clamber into the enveloping branches of a 350 year old wild almond tree or
find the palm tree with one of the longest leaves in the world.IMG_1367IMG_1716
Take a winding walk along the ‘smelly’ path, and find the lemon scented pelargonium.
Watch the lazy Acraea butterfly, it’s body toxic to birds so it flirts with life.IMG_5501
Wink at a spotted eagle owl juvenile chilling in a paper bark thorn tree,IMG_5402 or play hide and seek with it’s parents.
Paddle in the water ways with tadpoles or splash in ground level fountains.IMG_3016
Why not give your child, grandchild or even your inner child a present to remember?IMG_3084

Visit the most magnificent botanical garden on the planet, home to many wonders,
at the base of one of the 7 natural wonders of our world.IMG_3086

Or better still a year long membership if it is right on your doorstep!