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Imagine doing a rainbow tour in KZN Natal, South Africa…
Imagine observing the full spectrum and more  in their natural environments.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, ‘singing’ in their respective choirs.

Red Squirrels.IMG_5095
Flame lilies. IMG_5016
Snake lily.IMG_4981
The breast of a Narina Trogan, a secretive forest bird.

Red cliffs.

Red logs, cut perfectly and packed with care and pride. The red /green vibrated with beauty, as did the symmetry and order.IMG_4974

The claws of  swamp crabs, living in the mangroves.natal 10 079
Red Duiker, a beautiful but very shy little buck.IMG_5156
A wild cotton flower, after it falls to ground.IMG_5039
Red runways, created by termites on tree and palm trunks.IMG_5238

Orange Fungi deep in a shady forest,IMG_5071
Mangoes, gold and dripping with juice.
Markings on the Gold banded forester, a forest butterfly.
Leaves, orange, even though it is nearly mid-summer. IMG_5170
Strips of orange bark on a rainbow eucalyptus.IMG_3689

Yellow weaver birds,
Wild cotton flower, after it opens, and before it falls.IMG_5035
Yellow bill on a yellow billed stork.
The yellow pouch on the bill of a white pelican.IMG_5229

Green, a million variations for as far as the eye can see.IMG_4916
Water, green as it combines with the blue of the water and the yellow of the sand.IMG_4993
Green pigeon, truly bright green.
The bark of a Fever tree.IMG_4951
The longest green leaves in the world, those of the Raffia Palm tree. A cathedral of magnificent proportions.IMG_5173IMG_5181

Blue skies.IMG_5291
More blue skies.

Butterflies. A small striped swordtail.IMG_5053
More skies, Reflected in the puddles which collected after downpours.IMG_5317

Indigo seeds, from a plant that I cannot identify…any suggestions?IMG_5309Indigo circles on a Blue pansy butterfly wings.IMG_5056
Indigo on the carapace of a red clawed swamp crab.(We found armies of them in the Mangrove swamps.)
Indigo night skies.

Violet hydrangeas, or Christmas roses as they are know in South Africa.IMG_5341
Violet Deadly-nightshade flowers next to an orange fungi.(Natural complimentary opposite colours, just harmonizing together.)IMG_4917
Purple crested Lourie.
The tip of the rainbow at the Howick waterfalls.IMG_5297
Jacaranda trees.
Violet skies as the sun sinks in Africa.

And then, to top it all a rainbow yarn bombed Jacaranda tree,
decorated for world Aids day, the tree has been covered with squares created by many locals,
who have been taught the craft of crochet work by volunteers in the region,
specifically for this superb instillation.

rainbomb! made with crochet hooks, love and care, unveiled on December 1.IMG_5352

This wonderful sight in Hillcrest KZN is Woza Moya,
the home of an amazing AIDS centre,
where the people, the ethos and the beadwork are all remarkable.

This is our colourfilled rainbow nation, the full spectrum, and all the shades in between.IMG_5364
And more…

( a tree agama, in all his finery!)