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What does your old self look like?

A friend just told me that after 18 months of not such good health,
I am finally ‘looking like my old self.’
The thing is, I am not my old self and never will be,
I am however happy to be a ‘new self’, hopefully a more grateful and patient self,
a self who every day says a quiet gratitude prayer, how good ‘better’ feels and for the support,
both physical and emotional that has been showering down
from loved ones near and far, making it possible for the ‘new’ to replace the ‘old’.
Metamorphosis, Change, a freshly lit candle in a dark space, new wings,
terrifying thoughts but ones that we all have to deal with at various stages of life,
but, like most life events things are never as dark as they seem.

Thank you my friend, for what you meant only as a compliment,
it started me thinking about this strange journey called life
and I am so grateful for another chance at ‘new’.
It feels like a growth spurt,arums agies 022
only better,
because when you are middle aged every positive upward movement counts.