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My deep freeze is filled with Pesto, 3 different varieties…Yay!

Another day, another year and the path of life continues…

As one year rolls into another I hope for everyone
that 2013 is a year filled with abundant joy, as joyous as a happy hound found
cooling off in the stream on the green belt this morning.IMG_5716
May your 2013 be blessed with good health,
happiness and loads of opportunities to engage with all the magnificent flora and fauna that our world showers on us and feeds our souls with.IMG_5668
But, whilst on the subject of feeding, I feel so prosperous when the top shelf of the deepfreeze is packed to capacity with Macadamia nut pesto, Cashew nut pesto and Pine nut pesto.IMG_5740
Small things make me so happy!
Wishing everyone abundant prosperity and happiness for the new year.