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IMG_5702This time of the year historically (though often hysterically!)
brings families together, reunites friends and often introduces new loved ones into the family/friendship circle.IMG_5677

Add to the mix full on summer in the Southern hemisphere, long lazy days, the sun rising at 5 a.m. and setting at 8.30p.m.IMG_5703
Walks on beaches, leisurely meals lasting for hours around a table groaning with good cheer, great food and wonderful Cape wines.

And offspring!


Like so many families today, most of my children live and work abroad part-time or full-time, this seems the norm with the majority of our contemporaries but it still doesn’t make it any easier, it just makes for frequent happy/sad moments at Cape Town International airport, though the happy always outshines the sad.

I love living in a city that everyone wants to visit,
to have a home that can expand and shrink, a table that can do the same,
but most of all I perpetually say a little prayer of thanks for all family connections,
for surrogate children, ‘borrowed’ sisters and ‘on loan’ grandchildren…
IMG_5753 IMG_5773
But most of all, my children.IMG_4737

So many, many thanks for them.
They are the wealth that keeps my heart full.