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IMG_5871 From Nursery ravine to Skeleton gorge and beyond,
we are at the start of a year of centenary celebrations
in Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens.IMG_5854
100 years of hard work, dedication and teams of remarkable people
who have created one of the world’s most spectacular gardens.

And it shows, there are gardeners everywhere, clearing and grooming.
Streams of tour groups march through like army ants,
on a mission to experience every great smell, sight, sound and touch.IMG_5790

But as ever, Tuesday’s is free entrance day for senior citizens
and it seem even more pertinent that during this centennial year we are able
to celebrate this magical garden with our elders.IMG_5872
I have said it before but this is a new year and a centenary one
and so I think it’s o.k. to say it once more,
I love the tranquility that senior society brings with them to this Cape pearl.

Everything Botanical, over 100 years old or older, is labelled with a centenarian plaque,
including various alien trees such as pine, oak and camphor trees
planted originally to meet the ever growing early settlers need for timber.IMG_4606

The Camphor Tree avenue, one of the original wagon routes
used in the peninsular is a wonderfully shaded reprieve for our heat in summer.
Although also alien, these trees are magnificent.


Look for the 100 year olds..
Woods cycad, Ginko tree, wild fig, Atlas cedar, European oak,
Outeniqua yellowwood, forest bell bush and wild almond, to mention a few! IMG_5875


Or watch the lazy Francolin, even they go into low gear on Tuesdays,
maybe also feeling the calm before the storm of events due to unravel over this year’s
celebrations, guided walks, concerts and exhibitions.IMG_5867
There is so much to celebrate between nursery, skeleton and beyond, I too would like a plaque around my neck if I get to be 100!