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How to celebrate?
In the space of one year I have made it to 50…
50 posts, and I admit I am so chuffed!

I had to put my broomstick and ‘wooden’ (my broomstick companion for years) into temporary retirement, give up coffee dates in the sky…IMG_5840 and learn to use a sophisticated computer and WordPress.
What a fun journey it has been so far, I love thinking about the next post,
taking my new traveling partner(canon) with me on my sojourns (apologies to ‘wooden’)
and walking shoes have replaced my broomstick for now.

With eyes wide open I will undertake another year and hopefully
50 more posts, because what would life be like without a little fantasy
and a bit of fun?
Let’s share some happiness and positive stories!

(Wooden was named years ago by my friend Bo,
who commented on him when she spotted him for the first time.
My son told her my cat was wooden to which she responded
“Hello Wooden!” and so it remained.)