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To anyone who might follow my blog from time to time, my apologies,
I am stuck well and truly in my right brain.
The artist in me has rampaged through my thoughts and I am consumed with
creative projects. Like autumn leaves the ideas are whipping and flying around
me and my studio is filling up literally and figuratively with ‘stuff’.IMG_6149

Paper Mache, silver wire, leaves and seedpods, flowers…
it is just overwhelming but lovely, just not conducive to posting coherently!

We have a wonderful woman, Thandi who comes twice a month to help make
order in this crazy home filled with all of the above and more!
Thandi is a Zulu woman and pure magic at creating order. She arrives
wrapped up in boundless energy and leaves (sorry!) reluctantly
having worked her miracles. Last week, with her pure honesty,
she asked me if I was a Sangoma (an African healer/homeopath)
because that is the only way she can make sense of all my nature-given ‘clutter’.

Today, whilst walking in contemplative mode I realized again
how small we all are in this big universe,
(if you have flown in an airplane on a clear day
and looked down at the earth, nothing is really detectable, least of all people)gearth
I also thought about how little impact we really make as one person
but how big the impact becomes when we become a care less group.
And so I try, through the mediums I know best, to make some coherent sense
using my creative energy, which at the moment is like a dandelion in the wind.IMG_0532
So back to hands on right brain… and quiet contemplation, which goes with the territory.