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What a week it has been, exhausting but so much fun
to be able to share my home city with an all girl carload
of first time visitors to Cape Town from Washington D.C.


I started off by giving them a drawing that I did a few years ago
to help people to understand this quirky peninsular,
with its’ cold and warm oceans, a flat topped
mountain with many angles and sides, kloofs and river beds.
A city where people live on one or other side
but seldom change ‘sides’ in their lifetime,
a multi-facetted, multicultural and general
all together breathtaking place to be.IMG_6207
We have a ‘tablecloth’ that lives on this, our Table mountain
and we have separate climates from one suburb to another.

Strange but true.
There are areas where the wind will launch you like a kite
into the sky or produce a ‘marilyn moment’
quite without warning,IMG_6251
where 1 kilometre away there is no hint of a breeze
and where if there is a wisp of cloud on Lion’s head
we know to expect rain…

but I digress!

I was musing about Tea, High Tea…
(and not on top of Table mountain as could be interpreted!)
Just under the table cloth coated mountain instead!IMG_6269

I believe that we can pour you arguably the best cuppa,
at the optimum temperature,in perfect porcelain,
in the most magnificent candy floss pink building
with terraces and gardens better than anywhere in the world.IMG_6253
(Biased? never!)

High Tea at The Mount Nelson,
(The Nellie as it is fondly referred to by locals) starts at 2.30 pm
and runs until 5.30 pm. and dressed in your finest apparel you are met
by a waiter or waitress who shows you to your cushion covered couches
and perfectly set out table.IMG_6256
A menu of leaf tea varieties is popped into your hands, for leisurely perusal.IMG_6261
After ordering your choice you and your guests are guided to a vast table,
spectacularly dressed in every kind of dainty finger foods,
cakes, sandwiches, petit fours, purple macaroons, and Savory tartlets.IMG_6260IMG_6262
In fact something akin to perfection if sweet treats are your pleasure.
The sun filled patios and gently tinkering ivories, the beautifully clothed guests
and the constant but unobtrusive attendants make for one of life’s most
deliciously indulgent entries on your to do list,
before you leave this beautiful city.