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We are facing a world filled with much pain and suffering,
In this country alone, one in three women
will be raped in her lifetime.
Every 4 minutes a woman is raped in South Africa.
Sexual, physical and emotional abuse is rife.
Children are not safe,
women are restricted in their movement both day and night
and there is no sign of any change at all,
in fact the statistics are getting worse.
We are no better as a human race than mediaeval man was,
we seem to have learned nothing at all
when it comes down to respect for other,
least of all respect for the female person
who’s uterus is the vessel for the next generation.
Women are still victimized
by a vehemently patriarchal society,
a society that says one thing but does another.
Realistically, there is little respect for the matriarchy,
women seldom have their voices heard and reacted upon.
It is time for a big change, a very big change,
another moment as big if not bigger than
the suffragette movement, this time though,
maybe women should be allowed to elect a representative,
someone who could fill the shoes of the fisherwoman,
someone who can be a respected spokesperson
for the global rights of women.
These thoughts clearly arise from
the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI,
the ultimate Patriarch.
Father to the Catholic community worldwide.
Why does that world not have a mother?
Is her truth not allowed to be heard?

Apologies to all Catholics.
I was brought up in that church, I have just lost faith.

Apologies also for my no photo day.
I feel a quiet rage and encourage conversation
around true emancipation of women throughout this globe.
I would like to leave our boy and girl
children and grandchildren safe children, wouldn’t you?