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IMG_6401 Whilst it is said that monarchs and their heirs and spares have blue blood, I can’t help but feel terribly sorry for them.

I always knew that they were on one of the most restricted social diets in the world but really … what happened to all the other colours of the rainbow?

In Cape Town we have one of the most colourful political, economic and creative societies in the world but that is before we have begun to take note of our surroundings. Colour, colour everywhere and as many shades and tones of each as is possible to count.IMG_6388

Is it any wonder then that we Capetonians have rainbow blood coursing through our veins? Just one visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens at virtually any time of the year will convince you that there could never be another city in the world to beat this one. From deep Magenta through the spectrum of colours to Indigo and Violet, they are there, and all the shades in between. Yesterday I went for the best kind of walk, the first of the autumn rains had set in for the day and the gardens were virtually deserted, the tourists had headed for the glass house and only the occasional lone walker and resident Guinea fowls, Egyptian geese and gardeners were out in the rather ‘moist’ conditions.IMG_6397

The flowers were glowing, dripping with crystal-like droplets brought by the rain. Nothing was going to rain on their parade, in fact the dulled down colours of the sky were the perfect foil to show off their best faces.IMG_6395

The smells in the forested areas reminded me of my childhood, growing up in England, where my parents would take us walking in the mossy, humus rich woodlands. ‘Delicious’ is the only word I can find to describe the smell that come back to visit me all these years later.


This garden, that celebrates it’s 100 year anniversary today, with a traditional Garden Tea party for all it’s Botsoc members, must be one of our most remarkable treasures, open for all to see and enjoy. For all who live in the shadow of Table Mountain, who have rainbow heritage as our greatest heirloom, my hope is that our rainbow blood will forever be passed down from generation to generation, for 100 more years to come.


And then another 100.