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Today, I had the most wonderful walking companion
and I realized how many similarities there are between gardens
and friendship.IMG_2930
Both take years to cultivate, from a tiny seed grows a huge friendship
but there will always be a need to look after and cherish both.
Compost and water to a plant is equivalent to thoughtfulness and love
for a friend, not to mention sunshine, I think both need a solid dose of that.
In the garden there are plants that have been there for years and just remain
solid and unmoving, even if you neglect them for a day, a week or a month.
Some plants sadly never flourish, some succumb,
but we tend and love them nonetheless.IMG_5213

There are the annuals,
they come and go and we love them for what they bring
to life for that period. They grow quickly, bloom and then die back,
leaving us with happy and colour-filled memories but never a sense of loss,
we knew they were only passing through.
The perennials live on a bit, sometimes surprising us with their hardy ways
and eventually we just love that they are still growing, even if they
are becoming woody.IMG_5280
Some plants send out ‘runners’ in all directions,
in the same way as some friends
create links to other like minded people.
Invariably the ‘runners’ grow close to the original plant,
so we always know where to find them.
There are wonderful surprises that grow from difficult times,
like the blooms that swiftly appear after fire or flood.
So too do people miraculously enter your life
at times when all seems to be lost.IMG_2426
Sadly from time to time there are weeds that come through, leaving
only a short lived hole where it had been.
Then there are those that flower and blossom abundantly and often,
they fill everyone with warm and fuzzy feelings always,
never seeming to have been anything other than spectacular.IMG_6541

But the ever memorable inhabitants of the garden for me are the trees.
The old, regal and ever growing trees that each year get more substantial,
offer more shade in summer and protection from the rains in winter.
Those same trees that you have loved since first you came to know them
and become the reason you love that garden.
Likewise, those friendships,
the ones that have endured the hard times and flourished
in the good times are what makes life so beautiful,
to be able leave the garden and return 15 years later,
to find that the same tree is still flourishing
even though it’s boughs have been pruned
and the storms have battered and reshaped it.IMG_1330
It is still standing, as majestic as ever.
I walked with one of those strong and dependably ‘trees’ today.
It was perfect. Thank you.