This morning we were meant to be on the road before the birds woke up,
to start our much anticipated trip to the Kgalagadi,
but ooops!
No matter how prepared for life we believe we have tried to be,
there will always be a little ‘God-humour’ to sober us up and remind
us that we really are not in charge here.
Yesterday it was John’s health at stake, that had been temporarily
patched with a band-aid but now we are addressing another band aid moment,
although our vehicle has been totally overhauled and serviced for
this exciting bush-wacking trip, seemingly it also needs a new heart valve,
in the form of a starter motor.
Having packed the tent, water bottles, food and general equipment,
Like an obstinate child refusing to get out of his p.j ‘s
the car, dressed in all his finery refused to start.
Big oops.
Life is a funny thing…we just have to remember to keep smiling;
and maybe send up a few deeply respectful prayers and an SOS for good measure.