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IMG_3739Imagine getting home from a wilderness trail in deepest
Africa with nobody for hundreds of kms around,

And instantly throwing every waking moment into the
birthing of a new and glorious retail space.IMG_6991

Imagine having the privilege of working with a young woman
who has a vision and an eye for selecting unique and
beautiful local stock, so that this venture can be
a proudly South African one.IMG_6956

Imagine how much fun (and I must admit, at times physically
hard work) we have had creating a new ‘baby’ for
the people of Cape Town, so that their gifts are easily
sourced and wrapped without the hassle of the dreaded mall.IMG_7060
Imagine having a spot on the planet where my own creative
musings can be displayed and possibly bought,
where I can display a mad Hatter’s tea party
and make swings and birds nests, How lucky am I?IMG_7049

Imagine, on Belvedere at Belvedere square is where
you can find a wonderful space to see all the new
and trending gifts for everyone…babe to great grandparent.IMG_7041
What a fabulous experience this has been, what encouragement
we have received,IMG_7081
Thank you Robyn.IMG_7069