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I have always made things, my mind thinks in 3D
and then the fun begins… how to make it?IMG_4752

This is how it has been all my life, I have no numeracy skills
but have always felt the prize for me was in the creating.
I could never be asked to be a book keeper, but would opt to make
the book instead, a 3D brain is so much more fun.
Imagine the distress that modern technology brings with it, when
something you believe is the product of your own
imagination is found to be lurking out there
in the cyber world and variations on my themes
are being made somewhere else in the world.IMG_6995
What is this?
Is it a universal melting pot of ideas that feeds
the creative souls and we all pounce on an idea at the same time?
Is it that creative souls think in such a similar way
that they hover around similar thoughts
on a universal time line?

Whatever this is it will not stop me in my tracks
or prevent me from finding new ideas, it will not instantly
turn me into a book keeper out of sheer need or frustration
but rather I will keep on idea-ing because it is so much
a part of who I am,
even if there is nothing new under the sun!IMG_5443