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P1000531Total, on it’s head change of heart!
Here I was, planning this huge story (because life is one huge story!) and then it all got turned on it’s head.
(or heart)


What was going to be a fun and fabulous story of travel
and sisterhood and family and a duck,P1000527

has turned into why we all need a place to go when life gets tough
and contemplative time becomes essential for the spirit to survive.


And so it is once more that I venture into what has to be the only space on earth
where peace and quiet keeps my thoughts and fears under control,
where there is a perpetual feeling of eternal and ongoing calm,
where nature continues to rule and where we are just mere mortals
working alongside and within this life-giving space,P1000536
together with the natural rhythms of this universe.

I go to my favourite garden in the world, with my camera,
and focused on the minute details that we often miss.
It has helped me before and I have no doubt it will perform the same magic again.

A surgeon cannot miss a single small detail, and it is with this in mind,
whilst John was having very delicate major heart surgery,P1000598
I focused on the little things that make up the whole…
those tiny traces of life that often get overlooked
and under appreciated but are as essential as the air we breathe.
The small things that make the big picture.IMG_5500

Once again, Kirstenbosch came to my rescue, distracted and amazed me,
and once again gently reassured me that we are just small but very valuable cogs
in a very big and beautiful universe.P1000511
We need to look after both.