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The big five.
That is what it was, five glorious weeks of precious time
spent with my family who are scattered far and wide,
on continents across vast oceans of blue
and vast skies of varying tones of blues greys and storm-Indigo.P1020606

This was a trip of a lifetime and it was extraordinary.
Initiated and gifted, I was indulged by wonderful people.
My constant companions, a beautiful sister Sarah and a yellow a duck, Peking.IMG_1227
No ordinary sister, a wonder-woman, darling, angel.

No ordinary duck, this one was hand picked by my niece Lizzie
and my brother Peter in England,
where I spent 5 stunning days, prior to ‘Colorado-here-we-come!’

And so it was that duckie was a big part of the ‘family tour’ also.
This was a tour of bonding; family, usually scattered
came together for a brief and magical time.

Sister time, Oh! wonderful sister time as never before,
where for 4 solid weeks we were like con-joined twins, always together,
laughing, crying, making stuff, doing and drinking Chai.IMG_1769IMG_0562IMG_1052
Everything came together and despite torrential flooding in Colorado,
the universe conspired to create wonders
and we were overwhelmed with gratitude for just that miracle of time.P1020605

‘Peking’ (many names later,this one settled on
my little androgynous yellow friend, and stayed) was a constant companion,
no matter where we were or what we did,
duckie was part of the adventure.IMG_0142
From artist studio to brewery, from pumpkin filled fields
to drive through banking, from miniature gardens and giant Wellies
to snowstorms and sauna’s.IMG_0497IMG_0490IMG_0622IMG_0334
Through extraordinary landscapes and all weather conditions,
this triumvirate went mildly crazy,
embracing the time with almost wild energy,
knowing that it would run out all to soon.
Collapsing in a heap at the end of every day, we were always happy,
no, more like euphoric, but spent.IMG_1071
I had planned to journal daily, but resorted to a daily ‘postings of Peking’
a photo reflecting daily adventures.
As I reflect, I realise why he was my journal keeper…
we were maxing so much on our precious time together
that there was no writing time in any 24 hour cycle. Zip, Zero, Ziltch!IMG_0830

Love-a-duck travelled by road, rail, air and skated on thin ice a few times
but always got back in one piece.IMG_1791IMG_2025 Like ‘Thelma and Louise’ we road tripped
through the Rockies, taking 11 hours to do a 5 hour trip, stopping almost every mile
to take photographs or inhale the beauty of turning Aspen trees, or snow covered peaks.
Because we could.IMG_0697
We cursed each others camera shy ways, but Peking was more than ready to pose,
We hiked in mountainous regions where a yellow duck was used
as a measure of the size of a mountain lion paw print and brown bear’s scratchings.IMG_0953IMG_1179
We collected huge pieces of driftwood, made sandwiches on laps in car seats,
always talking, sharing and confiding on things ‘life’.IMG_0682
Also because we could.
This was the first time in my 58 years of life that we were totally together.

The 3 of us!P1000221
Peking inveigled his/her way into almost every situation,
a token of the most extraordinary and wonderful time spent
with those I love so deeply but seldom get to spend time with.IMG_0221
This is the nature of our world now.
Carpe Diem was never more pertinent to this universe than now, for us all.
I would have flown to the moon and back to have that experience
but how lucky were we, it was just half the way around the globe.IMG_1075IMG_0419
With a love-a-duck in my pocket and my heart on my sleeve.
Thank you my loved ones.
So much gratitude.