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We knew it was coming, he has been sick for so long,
goodbye Madiba, may you rest forever in the knowledge that you
were an extraordinary man who brought about unquantifiable changes
in the world you lived in.
You were the cement that glued this fragile country together,
You were the reason so many people didn’t give up
but kept moving forward, albeit slowly, very slowly.
I feel privileged to have lived in South Africa
at this time, lucky to have breathed the same air as our “Father”
and grateful to have been a part of the best changes
any one person has made, not only in this country but universally.
Rest peacefully Madiba, yours was a truly remarkable life
and we in South Africa are so proud to call you our hero.
May we continue your great work, with love and honour,
peace and purpose. Thank you Tata, Thank you.