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And so we wake up to a new world,
a new South African era.
This is our reality, a country ‘without’ our Father
but with all the memories of a life spent in service to humankind.
It appears that Nelson Mandela was a man of extreme humility,
without ego, who loved children, his people and his country.
Seldom do power and integrity balance in equal quantities,
with our “father’ both essential qualities mixed to create
an extra-ordinary man.IMG_2537
A man who has 80 streets named for him… amazing indeed!
South Africa and the world and all its nations will
mourn and indeed celebrate the life, suffering and hard work
of this wonderful man.
May his humour, words and shirt designs stay forever etched
in our memories, may we try to emulate his extraordinary life
and humble ways.


Once again I called on my favourite source of contemplative beauty
to say goodbye, the way that works best for me, like visiting a flower
also named for him, a strelitzia, named Mandela’s Gold.

There were others out and about doing the same as me.


2 different tortoises were out to bid farewell.


An unfolding Agapanthus flower was hosting new life.


3 members of the Spotted eagle owl family were lined up on a branch.

All the workforce of gardeners were engaged in gentle discussion with each other
as they continued their good work.

And for a brief second, I was sure the trees were weeping.


But maybe they were just revelling in an immense lifetime, so very well lived.

May the fruits of his labours be bountiful, a legacy he deserves.

80 Streets, tip of the iceberg.