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A year filled to the brim like a jar of tangy marmalade,
some sweet, some bitter…a variety of fruit.
A balance of all ingredients,
this year was a memorable vintage 2013. All the above  and more.


I have helped birth a new store, ‘Imagine’
and we have had a wonderful response,
our shelves stocked with locally sourced gifts, like any newborn,
it has been fun and  the hard work has made it so worthwhile.


We have been to the Kalahari and slept under the stars,
with Lion roaring not far away, proving that we still have adrenaline
coursing through our fragile systems.
And did it course!IMG_3751

Woman Zone, a collective of wonderful women, coming together
for the common goal of sharing in our beautiful city of Cape Town,
with walks, talks and story telling, has been birthed and launched
in this year, inspired by a wonderful friend with great vision, who has
worked tirelessly to get it off the ground,
along with a team of other extraordinary women.
WZ also holds an extensive library of thought provoking books
written by and for women.
You can find out more about this wonderful innovative group on the Facebook page.

Woman Zone, the opening walk and talk.P1000941 P1000952

I was given a trip to Amsterdam, to go and join my family…
What an extraordinary time we had, 7 days jam (sorry,marmalade!) packed
with museums, galleries, and, speaking library, a different and very old one in the newly opened Rijk’s Museum.IMG_7494IMG_7458
Wonderful food fun and many many bicycles
made for special memories and immense gratitude.
It was a time of bonding with loved ones, taking in creative and design wonders,
meeting new members of the the family and being able to spend time with a special baby!

It has been, as most are, a year of loss but of equal gain,
we have said our goodbye’s but equally we have welcomed new into
our fold, our family gains a Sophia, as engagements popped up to surprise us every which way. Nephews too are tying the knots! Lovely.IMG_7420


And births, to keep the balance of life and the sweet treats happening,
we have a new little person in the fold to celebrate and one on the way..

Also once again I have been witness to the birth and fledging of my favourite spotted eagle owl family’s two young. This is one of the twins.


Always goose bump times.
Especially when both survived this year.
Ma me laid. corny but true!IMG_4471

One solid month in Colorado with my sister and her family
put this year into another league, no ordinary sweet treat that!
It was a time of togetherness, love, happy times, sad times,
but there is nothing like sisters, together. (With our favourite intruder!)IMG_0149

Then home to the serious business of John’s open heart surgery,
planned but always an unknown adventure.
He has been the bravest, helped by the miracle work
of a man he has nick-named the ‘Maestro’…

who conducted a remarkable symphony of repair work.IMG_0542

John is on a steady path to good health,
and our gratitude all those who worked tirelessly
to give him a new start, is bountiful.IMG_0434

The not unexpected passing of this nation’s most loved
father has left not a dry eye in the land. Rest peacefully Tata.
We were so very privileged to have such a great man
live amongst us for 95 years and change the course
of history forever. Worldwide? We can but hope for that also.cropped-p1000876.jpg

This year has resonated for me as a year of celebration,
of life, family, and ubuntu,
(people working together to reach a common goal.)
Gratitude too, for the achievements of those I love.

I am also grateful that I have been more able to work with my hands again after 2 years of strange disabling symptoms. Oh! The joy of  creative playtime!IMG_0579

To all those who have worked tirelessly
to turn their dreams into reality,
and to all who reach out to combat their challenges
I salute and admire you.

I look forward to gaining a new daughter, a step grandchild
and hopefully bearing witness to the many marriages, and celebrations of life
waiting on the horizon of 2014!IMG_0584

Peace and love to all.