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This is a work in progress, a recipe that changes daily weekly and monthly,
as the ingredients vary with each passing moment.
These are the new year recipe re-solutions and ingredients.
Greet and smile.
Loads, liberally sprinkled all over.
This main ingredient shaped the new Recipe.
Whilst on a walk the other day I decided to up the game,
everyone I pass gets a smile and a greeting.
Sadly the surprise is often huge in this city,
but the responses  and reactions are always wonderful!

A pair of arms.
Use liberally to hug.
(They are as rare as truffles.)

An ear or two.
It is said that the greatest gift you can give
is the ability to listen.

A pair of eyes.
Drink in our beautiful world.
(if you have a camera on hand, share our world.)

It mixes well with all the other ingredients.

A touch of voice.
(Maybe a bit more than a touch!)
Singing. Preferably, belting it out shamelessly.
(Do NOT limit it to the shower, no matter who objects!)

Add while stirring all of the above.

(Because this is a recipe after all and it is green,
great and very good for you.)

All the colours.
Sprinkle over everything for a feeling of well being.
These make the warmest, most colourful decorations.

Undiluted truckloads of it.

Mix the above with love, great care and thoughtfulness
and share it with all, family, friends, neighbours,
and creatures great and small.
Share liberally.
(even spiders!)

Lastly, the most important platters to serve this dish of life on,
humility and discretion.
These platters are fragile and are often in short supply in this fast moving world.
Dig deep into your cupboard to find them.

This is my recipe for change and re-solution in 2014,
if I can even half succeed I will pack away my broomstick for a while.IMG_0674

It isn’t a Magimix.