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I am a granny!

Or maybe it is more accurate to say I am grandma to a puppy,
though I have to add that it is just as much work and
just as much of a commitment of love
and hard work either way!

Skyla is a Siberian husky, has blond hair and blue eyes,
loves water, table tennis balls and anything else that bounces.
She has learned about gardening, plumbing and electrical work
in the short time with us,  and  a very patient John has been teaching her
all manner of skills and loving it…
lets face it, who wouldn’t love to have such an inquisitive apprentice?

Yesterday I gave her a quick lesson in flower arranging and she loved
all the stems as they fell from the table!

She bounces and bounds around the house and garden
chasing leaves, butterflies and heels.P1010563
She loves toes, company, high pitched voices, mirrors
and dark places to collapse in utter exhaustion into very regularly…
after all, she is only 10 weeks old, and weight in at a slight 3.1 kg.


Miles will be home this week to claim his sweet heart
and the house will once again be calm, tidy(ish)
with not a toy, plastic frog, ball or bone in sight.
Just two rather exhausted but happy and smitten ‘grand parents’.