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image-1This week I had a little incident which had me wishing for mum…
Understandable given the circumstances,
except that I am closer to 60 than 50!

Anyhow, it got me thinking about this strange
and complex age thing.
Why do I never really feel very much older
than about 18 (if that even!)
Scampering through life from day to day,
seldom processing the annual celebration, or bothering to
account for the extra candle added to the cake?

I have tempered my dress code, no shorts, bikini’s
or anything tight, but sometimes I think I am stuck
in the bewitching world of childhood,
with the occasional scary moments
when I have to behave properly.
(‘Act your age mom!’ I can almost hear my offspring say)
(it would be an act probably, too!)IMG_1794

I think secretly, the Peter Pan principal applies to a lot of us,
knowing there is someone in the wings watching quietly is comforting,
maybe we just don’t want to be reminded of the passage of time?
The ticking clock inside the crocodile.

I certainly seek out older, wiser mentors when things get tough,
replacing the maternal or paternal figures after they depart this world,
letting that person help to  tease out thoughts, options and ideas,
maybe a role similar to a modern day village elder.DSC08622 DSC01532

Ironically though, my adult children are equally great council,
bringing their logical and well controlled minds to my aid also.
(Some are admirably not stuck on the 18 button like their mother!)

But on this particular occasion,
I just wanted mum.