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What is it about the seasonal changes that makes me go on the rampage?
Spring cleaning but in Autumn?
Does that make sense, or is it something to do with the Autumn Equinox
(or Spring in the Northern hemisphere) and a time of cleansing?IMG_6149

Do the changes in the moon/sun/earth relationship affect our moods
in the most primal and life changing way?
It is quite radical this year, I have a mountain of bagged and boxed bits,photo 1 photo 2
crafty, arty, linen and kitchen contents, that are bound
for a charitable institution not yet decided upon, and the pile gets bigger daily.

Not surprisingly I feel lighter and more breezy the more I let things go.

Funny isn’t it… we spend half our live acquiring “stuff”
and then the other half parcelling it up to move it on.

We really are almost as strange as the Bowerbird, making nests
and then letting them go.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Any idea why?

I am not sure I know.