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P1020819It has been a lifetime,
(sorry I am prone to exaggeration!)
since I added a snippet, but life has been full.

Full and fabulous, teaching in Cape Town, wedding in Wales and going back
to the place I feel the most creative, my studio at home. Making a new range, Bottled in the Cape!

I realised yesterday that teaching drawing is a bit like being a fly
with compound eyes, I can show people how to look, and how to put their
‘looking’ onto paper but I am always so excited to see things through
the eyes and in turn the pencils of those people courageous enough to
explore their visual worlds.
Many interpretations and so many different approaches.
I love teaching….

I love weddings too, and my nephew was getting married to the love of his life,
in an ancient church, hidden from view, in the middle of Wales,

lost in the clefts of many green and rolling hills
dotted with bleating sheep dressed in silver,
dressed to match the silver gray clouds. Our mother was dancing in heaven!


An extraordinary farmhouse, ‘Foelortho’
where we stayed and celebrated, where friends and family
met for the first time, and some became family,
where we laughed, and cried from too much laughing,
where our hosts played wonderful live Jazz on a grand piano with various shiny percussion instruments holding court.

They played just for us in their home attached to the farmstead,
a private concert
where we sipped
on excellent whisky,
entertained in an astoundingly creative space…by 2 wonderful people.



I expected gnomes, goblins, fairies and trolls
to happily parade in this garden. Maybe next time.


This is a homestead
where secret bedrooms,P1030039
miniature villages and enchanted gardens rule,
filled to the brim with follies and fun,P1020751
fires, fantastic architecture,
and passionate owners.P1020825
How lucky were we all?

Time away is invaluable.
The mental shifts are extraordinary
when we do not have to be concerned with routines
and daily must-do’s, a time of expansion and growth
light and love, seriousness and silliness.P1030196
As life should be.
I hold it lightly, but for a deep breath moment.
I see and feel.
Because I can, like a fly, with a compound eye.