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As a child growing up, ‘Sunday Best’ usually referred
to our church clothes, all the smartest favourites
that came out of the cupboard with anticipation and glee.
I loved the dresses and frills, they made my heart sing, even
louder than my church voice.

These days, Sunday best has modified, now it is my running apparel
that I pull on in the dark, before bouncing out of the house
with just as much glee as that little girl did,
clad in all her frilly dresses, best shoes and high hopes.

Sunday runs are special for a few reasons, the company is always wonderful,
conversations stimulating, generally lighthearted, and invariably with those
who have shared more than just running tales, these are rich friendships.
These are people I love, a lot. IMG_6524

We run all over the peninsular, watch the sunrise in Seapoint,
the waves pound in Muizenberg and the clouds swirl and twist
around the mountain that acts as my anchor and compass,
Table mountain.
From Constantia greenbelt to Newlands forest, all our runs are extraordinary, memorable and addictive, who wouldn’t want to start the week this way?IMG_6371

So today, as we rubbed the sleep dust from our eyes
and bravely launched into the early morning rain showers,
we made our way around the most uncommon of commons,
an area steeped in heritage and history, wild flowers and wildlife,
Stone pines and grasses.P1030733
Known fondly as ‘The Common’ to those fortunate enough to live within it’s reaches,
it is today dotted with vast puddles, little clusters of early blooms
and not too many early adventurers.P1030751

As we traveled through Mowbray, Observatory
and then back to Rondebosch Common, our finery started to come off
and was tied around our waists, the rain had stopped and we were warming up.



On this quiet Sunday morning in a ‘church’ of a different kind,
I said a little gratitude prayer,
for the rich beauty all around us, the legs to run and eyes to see,
the company which as ever was inspiring,
and for the mother city and her extraordinary inhabitants,
her ever changing mountain,
and her ability to never looks the same twice
but always to startle us with her Sunday Best.