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P1030839Yesterday I had the privilege of celebrating a milestone
birthday with a friend who has been a part of my life
for 30 years.
Thirty years! Wow!P1030804
It was a cold wintery morning, the rain was cascading off the mountain
but we were warm and dry and the happiness was palpable.
Brunch was served with pure love, gentle conversations
and deep respect for this wonderful woman.

Nan and I have painted together for years, laughed and cried together
and been witness to the roller coaster ride which is invariably
part of our life’s journey.
She has other disciplines alongside her creativity,
she is a doctor, teacher and spiritual councillor.
Also a loving mother to 3 adult children.
She is an extraordinary woman.

But then there are so many extraordinary women
and daily I am discovering that if we take the time to listen,
stories of monumental proportions start to shine out
through the gaps in women’s armoury.wz_invite_women13july

Something we women generally do well.
Listening is often more difficult, but this has become the essence
of the 13 Women Series, an exciting initiative
launched at the start of this year by newly founded
Woman Zone http://womanzonect.com
a Cape Town based NPO, brainchild of yet another remarkable woman.
A woman of intelligence, integrity
and so much empathy… making a difference to so many lives
by bringing this dream to reality.


Once a month, on the last Saturday of the month,
one Capetonian woman is given a forum within her community
under the Woman Zone banner,
to tell the story of her journey in life. Being a woman in Cape Town.



This is followed by rich conversations and much needed tea.
I cry every time.
Emotional me!P1030650

Yesterday sadly I missed that story.
I was brunching and listening elsewhere to another woman.
Nan spoke from her heart, told her tale
with strength, honesty and deep emotion.
Once again it was inspiring to hear how women soldier on,
often in such difficult circumstances.
It doesn’t matter which side of Table Mountain
the sharing is happening, it is happening!
The importance is in the concrete support,
the strength similar to flying buttresses,
that connectedness brings to all our fragile lives.
And so we laugh again, released by the story sharing,
aware of the importance of the telling,
the good and the not so good.
The laughing and the crying.


On Woman’s Day, 9 August, there is a Woman’s Humanity Walk in Cape Town,
once again under the Woman Zone banner,
where more stories of life will emerge and women will come together,
this time to walk and talk, maybe laugh, maybe cry but talk for sure!
Will you join in, as a woman of Cape Town?

Crying and laughing, the circle of life’s journey.
It’s what we women do well.