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Today is Sunday, but it is forever Mumday.
Two years ago on this day, our Mother and Grandmother passed away.90

A strong, devoted, loving, selfless woman with the biggest twinkle
in her cornflower blue eyes.

Judy led by example and taught so much to so many people,
giving of her time, skills and love throughout her full life.P1030879

Mum was a master weaver, spinner, knitter and creator of marvels,
masterpieces in cotton, linen, wool, wood and many other tactile mediums.
A colourist and dye magician of extraordinary proportions.

Such a big life, that of mother to many,
confidant and friend, teacher, grandmother
so very many lives have been affected by her skills,
love, energy and compassion.

Mum was always humble, always generous, always self-effacing.
Always thinking of ‘other’, she never wanted to disturb.

What large shoes to fill, is it possible
to travel through this life half as graciously as she did?

I’m not sure.
But she has left a vast tapestry of life skills for certain,
and a worksheet to follow.IMG_1769